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The Earthscapes Collection

This collection features textural interpretations of geologic, topographic and botanic patterns found on the earth.
I create these textures by applying a tremendous amount of heat using a large torch to "fuse" the sterling one layer at a time. The resulting feel is timeless, both ancient and modern.

Ancient Roman Cuff I

cuff bracelet; 2-1/2" wide; sterling silver, oxidized

Global Surface

ring; 7/8", domed; size 8; sterling, oxidized


pendant; 2-1/2" wide x 3" long; sterling, 14K , opal, turquoise, oxidized

Winter Forest

wrap around bracelet; 1-1/2" wide at widest point; sterling, oxidized

Earth & Sea

domed pendant; 2" wide x 2" high (with pearl); sterling, natural pearl, oxidized

Conduit with Gold

brooch; 1-1/4" wide (with gold) x 2-5/8" long; sterling, 14K, oxidized

Roman Fortress

6-part hinged bracelet; 2-1/4" wide; sterling, oxidized


wrap around bracelet; 1-1/4" at widest point; sterling, oxidized

Mushroom Top

ring; 1"; size 8; sterling, oxidized

Winter Sky

pendant; 1-7/8" wide x 1-7/8" long; sterling, turquoise, oxidized

Ancient Roman Cuff III

cuff bracelet; 1-1/2" wide; sterling, oxidized

Ancient Roman Cuff II

cuff bracelet; 1" wide; sterling, oxidized


ring; 1-1/4" round; sterling, coral, oxidized

Ancient Roman Cuff IV

cuff bracelet; 1/2" wide; sterling, oxidized

All jewelry sizes are approximate · Photographs by Eric Weidman / Sharon Thorpe

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