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Found Objects

Many of the pieces in my “Naturals” collection are made from found objects—a stone I pick up on a rocky beach, a piece of tile that washes ashore, coral, a branch. Pictured here are some “simple” pieces made from natural materials. Sometimes, these simple pieces evolve into something more elaborate.

Serendipity plays a large role in my design process and working with found objects, both natural and man-made, always keeps it fresh.


sterling, brass, birch bark, rock, natural pearl, oxidized

Pebble Beach

sterling, rocks,
natural pearl, oxidized


sterling, copper, feathers

Spring Buds

sterling, oxidized

“A Ring a Day”

Exploring “a ring a day” was a month-
long journey in creativity, materials and technique. Rings are a nice manageable size to contemplate and the project was a lot of fun.

I used man-made found objects— antique buttons found while cleaning out my mom’s house, a rubber band wrapped around a bunch of asparagus,
a cork from a wine bottle. It was fun to upcycle them into  beautiful wearable art and keep them out of landfill.

Most importantly, this exercise was a reminder to me  how important it is to step away from “work” and just play!

A Ring a Day

sterling, antique buttons and enamel petals, rubber band, cork


Photographs by Eric Weidman / Sharon Thorpe

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