Aquamarine Pendant II — SOLD



This one-of-a-kind piece is sold, but if you would like something similar, please contact me. I would love to create a custom piece just for you. In your email, please be sure to mention the name of the piece and a phone number at which I can reach you.

The first of its kind, the front of this piece is left open, unlike many of my other pieces that are hollow form.

I love the contrast of the raw Brazilian Aquamarine with the round faceted Aquamarine, which was purchased in the 70’s by a friend’s father in South America. This stone is given new life after years of sitting in a box. A bit like the “Velveteen Rabbit,” it comes to life when the wearer puts it on.

Sterling silver, raw and faceted aquamarine stones bezeled in 18K gold, with bi-metal circle.

Properties of Aquamarine: Reduces stress, promotes courage, inspires tolerance, aids clarity of perception and intuition, and encourages self-expression.