Silver Linings

I woke up this morning thinking about silver linings. It has been over a year since the pandemic shut down life as we know it.

We live right outside NYC. When everything stopped on a dime, so did the traffic. In two weeks’ time, the air actually felt different. We started to see birds we have never seen before. Two weeks and mother earth took a big deep breath. I thought, “two weeks. . . .”

Another silver lining is this month I will be participating in a Smithsonian Show called Craft Optimism. My work was noticed through a virtual show I participated in when the pandemic shut down in-person shows. The show is in collaboration with Honoring the Future. An amazing group of artists have been chosen for their commitment to combat climate change, educate the public about climate change, or inspire or model a sustainable response to climate change.

I am proud to be chosen to be a part of this show.