Earthscape Series

This series features textural interpretations of geologic, topographic and botanic patterns. I first texture the metal and arrange it in patterns. Then I apply a tremendous amount of heat to fuse it together one layer at a time. The resulting feel is timeless, both ancient and modern.
25 results
Sea Grass cuff with 18K Gold and Diamonds
Stick Post Earrings with Black Diamond
Earthscapes Pendant with Turquoise and Jade
Sea and Clouds Pendant
Stitches Cuff bracelet with 18K gold and Black Diamonds
Serenity Totem
Serenity Totem
Ancient Roman CUff
Protective Amulet
Protective Amulet
Ancient Roman Cuff II
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Orbital One-of-a-Kind Pendant
Earth & Sea
Earth & Sea
Seagrass Cuff
Seagrass Cuff
M&M Yolk Earrings
Ancient Roman Cuff I
Small Stud Earrings
Irresistable Turquoise Earrings II
Mapping Ring
Mapping Ring
Textural Hoop Earrings-Out of Stock
Lettuce Leaf Ring
Pine Bark Band with Old Opal Stone
Medium Cupped Circle Ring
Breath Cuff-SOLD
Balancing Act-SOLD
Round Earrings with Opals and Diamonds