gifts under $500

These are some of my favorite picks for gifts under $500. Some will no longer be produced so once they are gone, they are gone. Choose from here or let's talk about creating a custom piece for you.
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Sea and Clouds Pendant
Orbital Lariat Necklace- Out of stock
Orbital Pendant
Orbital Pendant
Extra Small Stud Earrings
Geological Bangle Bracelets
Large Cupped Circle Ring
Pine Tree Bark Bangle Bracelet
Pine Tree Bark Band
Orbital Ring with Lapis
M&M Yolk Earrings
Lettuce Leaf Ring
Pine Bark Band with Old Opal Stone
Simple 18K Gold Bi-Metal Cupped Textural Earring
Simple Cupped Oval Earrings, Out of stock
Ancient Roman Cuff II
Medium Cupped Circle Ring
Small Cupped Circle Ring
Mapping Ring
Mapping Ring
Small Stud Earrings
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
From $50.00
Brushed Silver Bangle Bracelets
Freeform Ring with Turquoise
The Modernist Earrings-SOLD
Stick Post Earrings with Black Diamond
Ancient Roman CUff
Textural Hoop Earrings-Out of Stock