Giving Back

Striving to create the change we want to see in the world.

Core Beliefs:

  • We need to champion women, and fight for environmental and social justice
  • We need to honor, respect and protect the planet, each other and those that can’t protect themselves
  • We must protect our natural resources
  • Success is measured by positive impact

Small Actions = Big Results

I believe small actions make a difference and if everyone did their part to help, this world would be a better place.

In an Effort to Make a Difference

In an effort to provide you with jewelry that protects both people and the environment, Ellen Cohen Design makes an effort to use suppliers for metals and stones that minimize our environmental impact. 

We have relationships with suppliers that have a similar commitment—utilizing stones that have been ethically sourced and metals that have been recycled and processed in a responsible and sustainable manner.


10% of the proceeds from my Power Cuffs ordered through my website will go to the Environmental Defense Fund.


 Power Cuffs



Thank You

A heartfelt thank-you to my dear friends, near and far, who have helped with logo, website and signage, photography and editing, writing, modeling, schlepping, visiting, housing, brainstorming, listening, supporting and so much more. You make my world a better place.  Love and thanks to my husband whose encouragement and support mean so much. And special thanks to my customers—each of you bring me joy as you connect with the art that means so much to me.