Moonscape Series

Informed by form, shape and texture, this series is reminiscent of the moon's craters and the rocks I find on the coast of Maine. The finished pieces are designed with a modern sensibility, at once both earthly and lunar.
31 results
Mismatched “petal” Australian Opal Earrings with 18K Gold
Australian Opal Spirit Keeper
Key of Life Pendant
Hope Opal Pendant
Hope Opal Pendant
Madison Cuff Bracelet with Black Diamonds and 18K Gold
Empowerment Pendant
Intuition Kyanite Pendant
Mismatched “Oval” Australian Opal Earrings with 18K Gold
Dada Pendant with Opal and Gold
Moonscape Pendant with Australian Opal
Round Earrings with Opals and Diamonds
Man in the Moon Pendant
Confidence Totem with 18K Bimetal and Ruby
Mismatched “Round” Australian Opal Earrings with 18K Gold
Joyous Totem with Tourmaline
Simple 18K Gold Bi-Metal Cupped Textural Earring
Freeform Ring with Turquoise
Martian Lady-SOLD
Surface of the Moon-SOLD
The Modernist
The Modernist
Tranquility with Jasper and Citrine
Wrap Around Moonscape Necklace - SOLD
Jetson's Pendant — SOLD
The Modernist Earrings-SOLD
Mismatched Opal Earrings with 18K Gold — SOLD
Small Pendant with Australian Opal- SOLD
Ode to O'Keeffe-SOLD
Serenity Pendant-SOLD
Grounding Totem with Chinese Turquoise and Coral — SOLD
Stitches Cuff bracelet with 18K gold and Black Diamonds
Stick Post Earrings with Black Diamond