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Ancient Roman CUff
Ancient Roman Cuff I
Ancient Roman Cuff II
Arrow Shield / Amulet
Australian Opal Spirit Keeper
Balancing Act-SOLD
Breath Cuff-SOLD
Bronze Birch Bark Cuff-SOLD
Brushed Silver Bangle Bracelets
Chinese Writing Stone Brooch
Confidence Totem with 18K Bimetal and Ruby
Coral Totem Pendant
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Dada Pendant with Opal and Gold
Earth & Sea
Earth & Sea
Earthscapes Pendant with Turquoise and Jade
Empowerment Pendant
Extra Small Stud Earrings
Freeform Ring with Turquoise
Geological Bangle Bracelets
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
From $50.00
Grounding Totem with Chinese Turquoise and Coral — SOLD
Hammered Brooch with Lapis
Hope Opal Pendant
Hope Opal Pendant
Intuition Kyanite Pendant
Irresistable Turquoise Earrings II
Jetson's Pendant — SOLD
Joyous Totem with Tourmaline
Key of Life Pendant
Large Cupped Circle Ring
Lettuce Leaf Ring
M&M Yolk Earrings
Madison Cuff Bracelet with Black Diamonds and 18K Gold
Man in the Moon Pendant
Mapping Ring
Mapping Ring
Martian Lady-SOLD
76 results