Protective Amulet


This statement necklace is sure to turn heads. Truly one of a kind, the beautiful raw amethyst stone takes center stage. The framed textural silver piece contains three diamonds set in 18K gold. Hammered pieces continue to wrap around the necklace, ending with rings and an s-hook, which allows the length to be adjustable. Fused and hammered. With bezels and prongs, this is truly a unique piece.

Sterling silver, 18K Gold, raw amethyst, diamonds, oxidized

Center portion is 3” x 2,” approx. 18” long; sterling silver, 18K gold, raw amethyst, diamonds, oxidized.

Properties of Amethyst: Enhances inner strength, transforms negative energy into positive energy, heightens spiritual awareness and intuition, inspires calmness, and improves motivation.

Properties of Diamond: Encourages creativity and imagination, amplifies energy, instills trust, inspires strength and endurance, and enhances power of other stones.