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Moonscape Pendant with Australian Opal
Moonscape Ring
Moonscape Ring
New Life
New Life
Ode to O'Keeffe-SOLD
One-of-a-Kind Brooch with Petrified Palm Wood and Coral
Orbital Lariat Necklace
Orbital One-of-a-Kind Pendant
Orbital Pendant
Orbital Pendant
Orbital Ring with Lapis
Pine Bark Band with Old Opal Stone
Pine Tree Bark Band
Pine Tree Bark Bangle Bracelet
Protective Amulet
Protective Amulet
Round Earrings with Opals and Diamonds
Sea and Clouds Pendant
Sea Grass cuff with 18K Gold and Diamonds
Seagrass Cuff
Seagrass Cuff
Serenity Pendant-SOLD
Serenity Totem
Serenity Totem
Shield of Triton – SOLD
Simple Cupped Oval Earrings, Out of stock
Small Cupped Circle Ring
Small Pendant with Australian Opal- SOLD
Small Stud Earrings
Small Teardrop Opal Pendant — SOLD
Surface of the Moon
Textural Hoop Earrings
Totem Brooch with Australian Opal
Tranquility with Jasper and Citrine
Trust Pendant with Opal-SOLD
Turquoise Asymmetrical Hollow-Form Earrings — SOLD
White Baroque Pearls
Wisdom Totem Brooch
Wrap Around Moonscape Necklace - SOLD
70 results