Australian Opal Spirit Keeper


This is a truly one-of- a-kind necklace sure to capture the interest and attention of others. The hollow-form piece in the center has a magnificent Australian Opal set off center in luxurious 18K gold with a brilliant ½ CT diamond also set in 18K gold. The free form shapes and other Australian opals “dance” around the neck, making it both elegant and playful.

With its free-form, rock-like shapes, this necklace is completely hand fabricated and truly one of a kind. Hollow form means there is air between the layers, making the piece lighter in weight than one would expect and comfortable to wear. People often compliment the way my pieces feel on the body—there is something comforting about them. Each has a spirit of its own.

This necklace is completely hand-made and the hand-finished texture adds interest and contrasts with the smooth bezels. It is also adjustable in length.

Size: The center piece hangs approximately 2 1/2 inches from the neck wire.

Overall length: At its longest this is approximately 20”

Properties of Opal: Reflects the mood of the wearer, intensifies emotions, releases inhibitions, and encourages freedom and independence.