About Ellen Cohen Design (new)

Artist Statement

Like life, my work is unpredictable and changes to reflect my experience of the world. My surroundings are a constant source of inspiration: an ocean view through a shrub, the rivets of a steel bridge, a beach stone. Grit, natural beauty and the unexpected all play a part.   

Light, form and texture are embodied in my work through reflection, research and deep consideration. I take something hard and flat and form it into sculpture. Primitive and bold, ancient and modern, I strive to bring beauty out of chaos.

Recently, amulets and shields appear in my work; I believe these are a reaction to my need to protect myself and those I care about from the blatant disregard for the earth, radical politics and social tension.

My jewelry is meant to stand the test of time, honoring the earth and the individuals who wear it.  


Ellen and her dog Cooper