Breath Cuff-SOLD


A one-of-a-kind power cuff, made with recycled gold and 50 pave set diamonds.

This cuff is inspired by the bubbles that surface over the schools of fish I watch swim by from my hammock in Maine. Even the oxidizing of the cuff, with its lights and darks, is reminiscent of the movement of light on water.

This piece had a long evolution— I made it years ago and it sat in my box until I added gold and diamonds, which brought it to an entirely new level. The gold is recycled from old jewelry gifted to me by my sister. I melted the metal down, rolled it out, and added the gold to each individual dot. This was quite labor intensive . . .but the labor of love resulted in an amazing, showstopping piece.

2” wide; oxidized sterling silver, recycled 14K gold, diamonds.

Properties of Diamond: Encourages creativity and imagination, amplifies energy, instills trust, inspires strength and endurance, and enhances power of other stones.